Beating Retreat

11th July and 12th July 2024

What to expect

Can I request help?
If you have a query regarding your booking please contact For queries about the event itself please refer to the information in this 'What to expect' section.
Do young children require tickets?
Infants up to the age of 2 years do not require a ticket, provided they are sitting on a Parent or Guardian’s lap. Consideration should be given to the suitability of this Parade for young children.
Are pets allowed?
No, unless it is a Guide or Assistance dog. The owner must be in possession of a certificate.
Are toilet facilities available?
Toilet facilities are available behind the stands, we do however advise you to use Public Conveniences before entering Horse Guards Parade.
How do I access the parade?
North Side:
Trafalgar Square via Charing Cross Station/ Embankment.
South Side:
St James Park via Petty France & Birdcage Walk or Westminster.
What time does the event start?
Visitors must be seated by 18:45 (Please allow sufficient time to clear security - 50 minutes minimum).
What are the Parade timings?
Gates open at 17:15. Please allow time for security searches (50 minutes minimum). The parade starts at 18:45 and lasts approximately 90 minutes.
How long does the Parade take?
The parade starts at 18:45 and finishes at approximately 20:15.
Are cameras allowed?
Yes, for private use only and must not cause distraction to other members of the audience.
Is headware required?
For serving guests in uniform, yes. They should also stand and salute for the National Anthem & Sunset.
Is there wheelchair access?
There is wheelchair access via both entrances, and you will be guided to your designated seating area.
Is parking available?
There are no parking facilities available.
What are the nearest rail and tube stations?
The nearest Railway Stations are Charing Cross, Waterloo and Victoria.
The nearest Tube Stations are Westminster, Embankment, Charing Cross, St James’s Park and Victoria.
However, you must go through the correct security checkpoint for your stand.
Is water permitted?
Plastic water bottles are allowed but please take these back with you.
Will the Parade be cancelled in bad weather?
The Parade is unlikely to be cancelled in bad weather. We recommend you bring a coat in case of rain during the event. If you need to use an umbrella, consider others and don't obstruct their view
Can I buy a programme?
Official Souvenir Programmes (£5 each) will be available to buy on the day and can also be pre-ordered online when purchasing tickets. If you have pre-ordered your programme, please bring your confirmation email and photo ID to the performance. You can collect your programme(s) from one of the members of serving personnel selling programmes near the entrance points to Horse Guards Parade. Exact change would be preferable as change may be limited.
How do I access Horse Guards Parade?
Depending on which stand you have been allocated, you will need to go through the correct security checkpoint as follows:

Stands A1, A2 and A3 - via Whitehall and Horse Guards Arch.
Stands A4, A5, B1, B2 and B3 - via Birdcage Walk/Great George Street
Stands C1, C2, C3, D1 and D2 - via The Mall, Horse Guards Road (north)and Admiralty Citadel.

Toilet facilities are available behind stands A and D and disabled toilets behind stand C.

There is nowhere that a drone can be legally used in and around Horse guards, the surrounding parks or any area in central London.

Please check the map provided on your ticket to view the entrance points for each Stand/enclosure. You must use the entry point for your stand. If you try to use a different entry point, you may be re-directed to the correct one which will involve more walking and take more time.
Please arrive in good time (minimum of 50 minutes in advance) to allow for security searches (50 minutes minimum). Children over the age of 2 cannot be admitted without a ticket.

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